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Gold is the ultimate crisis asset

Gold is considered a safe haven in times of trouble when confidence in your investments has been eroded. When the future is uncertain, historically gold has offered assurance that both protects and grows your wealth.

From the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis, and over the course of the following three years, gold rose over 180%.  The trigger for this was the sub-prime mortgage crisis.


We are now in the early stages of the next financial crisis. A crisis which some are saying will be the worst of our lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic has created the perfect storm for gold growth. 

How high do you think gold can go this time?

Gold provides diversity

If all your eggs are in one basket, you have full exposure to downturns in an unstable economy

Gold provides diversity because it isn't correlated to paper (stocks, bonds, or cash). Its value comes from its ability to safely store, maintain and grow your wealth, as well as protect your purchasing power.


A portfolio that includes a portion of gold will fare much better in good times and bad.

2008 Financial Crisis
2008 Financial Crisis

Gold performance during the 2008 Financial Crisis

2010 Flash Crash
2010 Flash Crash

Gold performance during the 2010 Flash Crash

2020 Covid Pandemic
2020 Covid Pandemic

Gold performance during the 2020 Covid Pandemic

2008 Financial Crisis
2008 Financial Crisis

Gold performance during the 2008 Financial Crisis


Gold provides competitive returns in good times, too.

During downturns in the economy, gold performs extremely well when you compare it against other investments.

However, gold isn't just a crisis asset. Boom or bust, gold stacks up against many major investments.


Why should you invest in gold?

Gold is the ultimate crisis asset, it provides diversity in your portfolio, and it provides competitive returns in good times and bad. 

Seasoned investors know that gold can grow your savings and protect your wealth in both bull and bear markets. 


Paper vs. physical gold

There are a number of benefits to owning physical gold over paper gold, but the key benefit is that physical gold in your possession has no counterparty risk.  


Counterparty risk is risk within a contract, such as a stock, that could be manipulated or affected by variables other than those associated with gold or one or more of the parties of ownership. With physical gold there is not contract and no “too big too fail” institution. Unlike paper gold, physical gold can be held in your hand.

Now is the time, this is the moment.

Gold is perfectly positioned to make big moves.


We believe this represents a once in a generation opportunity that is bringing us to the edge of a perfect storm for precious metals.

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