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Are you financially prepared for an uncertain future?

Grow your savings and protect your wealth with gold and silver bullion.

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Physical gold, silver and other precious metals are world-class assets that will help you protect your hard-earned money through diversity and grow your savings.


Delta Harbour Assets offers a wealth of experience and a variety of ownership solutions. Serving customers across the US and Canada.

What we offer

Direct Delivery

Order bullion direct to your door. We only offer investment grade LBMA approved products. Deliveries are fully insured and trackable.

Vaulted Storage

Choose from any one of our international locations. Vaulted storage is 100% fully insured to offer you peace of mind.

Registered Accounts

Convert your existing registered account (TFSA, RRSP, etc.), or open a new one and convert it to real physical silver and gold.

Financing &
Bulk Bullion

Unleash the power of your money by opening a collateral financing account. Finance up to 80% of the purchase using metals as collateral.

Upcoming webinar

Saturday March 6

10:30 am EST

Let us walk you through the many benefits of owning physical Gold and Silver through our Bulk Bullion account. We'll be giving away a 10 Oz Silber bar to one lucky attendee


Why own gold?

Gold is the ultimate crisis asset, it provides diversity in your portfolio, and it provides competitive returns in good times and bad. 

Seasoned investors know that gold can grow your savings and protect your wealth in both bull and bear markets. 

How it works

Buying investment-grade bullion is as easy as 1-2-3.

1.  Open an account with us.

2. Fund your account.

3. Make your purchase.

Spot Prices (USD)


1 Oz Gold Bar
Royal Canadian Mint

  • LBMA product

  • 99.99% purity

  • Unique serial number

  • Tamper-proof case

  • Assayer's Signature

$75/Oz USD

over spot price

1 kg Gold Bar

Assorted Brands

  • All brands are LBMA product

  • 99.99% purity

  • Unique serial number

  • Assayer's Signature

$74/Oz USD

over spot price

100 Oz Silver Bar

Royal Canadian Mint

  • LBMA product

  • 99.99% purity

  • Royal Canadian Mint

$3.70/Oz USD

over spot price


Silver Bullion

  • Fully allocated

  • Financing available

  • Buy/Sell in 1 Oz increments


available for storage/delivery

Finance and Investment concept.Money man

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How to own physical gold and silver in your registered account (RRSP, TFSA, etc.)


Recorded February 6, 2021

Front  view of light silver bank vault d

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