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Precious metals are not typically insured in safety deposit boxes or through your average home insurance policy, putting your savings at risk if something should happen.  There is also a very substantial liquidity risk associated with home or deposit box storage which should be weighed carefully.

Let us give you the peace of mind that comes with fully-insured vaulted storage where you can view and audit your holdings.

Storage partners

Delta Harbour partners with the leading and most trusted vaulting facilities in the precious metals business. All of our partners offer 100% fully-insured storage for your precious metals, underwritten by Lloyds Of London.
Our wholesalers work directly with our storage partners, so fulfillment of your order happens from within the vault.

In addition, you can sell your precious metals from within the vault by a simple phone call, giving you the greatest liquidity possible at a time when the price is right for you.

Front  view of light silver bank vault d

Storage locations

Through our partners we are able to offer global storage solutions. This allows you to store your metals close to home, or abroad to avoid geopolitical and tax risks.

Currently, we are offering the following locations:

  • Toronto, Canada

  • Delaware, USA

  • Houston, USA

  • Cayman Islands

  • Singapore

  • Switzerland


Storage fees

The storage fees will be the ONLY ongoing cost for storing your metals with Delta Harbour. We do not charge account opening fees, yearly administration fees, or any other types of fees like many of our competitors do.

Fees are dependent on the amount of precious metals you store with us* and are as follows:

  • 0.50%/yr (over $150,000 USD)

  • 0.75%/yr (from $50,000 to $149,999 USD)

  • 1.00%/yr (from up to $49,999 USD)

For a limited time, we are also offering FREE storage for the first 6 months**.

*Storage fees are calculated per year based on the total metal value and charged on a monthly basis.

**Where an account closes prior to the 6th month, all associated storage fees will be billed.

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Features of a storage account

  • Insured 1:1 coverage (no dollar limit)

  • Armed security at all locations 

  • Confidentiality (your personal information is not shared)

  • Bailment (your precious metals are stored off of the vault’s balance sheet as bailment, and as a consequence they cannot become subject to the claims of any potential creditor)

  • Audits available (all products can be visited and reviewed by you in person)

  • Inventories (you will be provided with an official inventory stating your current holdings)

  • Bullion bar serial numbers (where applicable you will receive their inventories with serial numbers)

  • Allocation (your product is fully allocated to you if desired)

  • Segregation (your product is segregated from Delta Harbour’s holdings)

Front  view of light silver bank vault d

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